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10 tips to help prevent fires at home

With the recent fire in Torch tower, we take a look at the best ways as a resident you can help to prevent fires from occurring.


  1. Don’t overload electrical sockets
    If you use an multiple plug adapter, make sure not to use another multiple plug adapter from it. Also if it’s an electrical items which generates heats (eg kettle, small portable heater etc), plug it direct into a wall socket and not an adapter since these items draw a lot of energy when in use and increases the risk of overheating. Both can cause overloading of the socket which can result in a fire.
  2. Make sure your cigarettes butts are completely extinguished when you’ve finished smoking
    This is a common mistake many have made or where someone has accidentally fell asleep only to wake up to the smell of burning. With Torch Tower it has been reported that someone threw a cigarette off a balcony which resulted in a fire on a lower floor. Not only is this not good behaviour towards your neighbours but you’re increasing the likelihood of a fire.
  3. Don’t leave candles or other burnables unattended
    Accident can happens and things can get knocked over while you’re not looking or end up burning too closely too a fabric. So nothing should be left burning without supervision and should be extinguished before going to sleep.
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher near by and know where the nearest one in your property is located
    This is recommended for a small fire which can be controlled. For example placing one near the balcony if you plan to have a BBQ or shisha on since accidents can happen and being able to quickly control the fire could make all the difference. There is often one in the kitchen but sometimes a balcony can be overlooked despite higher risk activities taking place here. You should also have an evacuation plan for you and your family members and know where the nearest fire exits are.
  5. Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen
    Some fires aren’t suitable to be put out with water or a fire extinguisher, in particular oil fires. So a blanket is best and should be put in an easily accessible place in the kitchen.
  6. Don’t leaving cooking unattended
    A large amount of fires happen where a pan has been left unattended while cooking, although we recommend to have a fire blanket. It’s even better if you never have to use it!
  7. Don’t use electrical items with exposed wires or if you’re not sure of the quality of the electrical good
    Buy from trusted names from authorised retailers is the best option and check items for exposed wires. If they are exposed wires, turn off from the socket and unplug the item. Seek the assistance of a qualified professional to repair it.
  8. Get your electrical goods tested once a year
    Companies have started to offer this service in the UAE and is popular in European countries. They can make sure electrical goods are earthed properly and in good working order. This can help prevent not only fire but also electrocutions.
  9. Install smoke alarms and test them regularly
    If you live in an villa or townhouse then you may need to install them yourself. Test them regularly and make sure the batteries are working. Also remove dust and make sure it’s clean, to ensure the best working order. Some areas in certain emirates are even offering free smoke alarm devices for your home.
  10. If you have a gas cylinder in your kitchen, take extra precautions to prevent fires
    The cylinder itself should be in a well ventilated closed cabinet. You should also install a gas detector to detect any leaks. If you smell gas, open the windows and don’t switch on any lights or use any devices which could create a spark or ignition.


We hope these tips help you and help to keep all the Dubai residents more safe. Anything you think we should add? Tell us on our post on our facebook page!

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